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EMBrace ur Natural 

Embrace Ur Natural is a suite of luxury lifestyle and aesthetic loc services curated by Founder and Lead LOctation Watikia McCoy.


I SPECIALIZE in the proper starting, maintenance, care, and styling of locs. I create an environment that encourages my current and future clients to embrace their natural selves. Do yourself the luxury of leaving your locs safely in my capable hands. There's no comparison.





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April M. 

“When "what you got ” looks better than the pic of " what you wanted" how can you complain. She is the G.O.A.T.... Period!!Thanks again. "

Amaya C. 

“Ever time is a good time  and I leave satisfied. She never makes me feel like my hair is a mess and her vibe is great !”

Amy C. 

“Watikia is an amazing Loctician! My hair looks perfect when she does it. She is kind, personable and thorough. As long as she is doing hair, she has me has a customer. ”

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